Reträtt – din stund i stillhet / Retreat


Re – Experience your heart

Let me show You “my” Peru

I am standing in the middle of a blooming corn field, surrounded by high mountains. The sky is covered with shimmering stars, and the breeze is gentle. I stretch my arms and I open my heart, with one palm reaching out for PapaTata ( father sky ) and one reaching out for Pacha Mama ( mother Earth ). My eyes look upon the sliver of MamaKilla ( miss Moon ) , feeling how her energy fills my head, while I am telling her that I have missed her insightful light shining up my path. I slowly start to swirl my body around and around, to be able to embrace the mountains and their spirits ( Apus ). I call out each of their names and feeling their presence connecting within me and awakening my core. I tell them one by one how much I value them in my life. I tell them my story and feeling how my heart expands even more. My body is still swirling slowly, connected to the soil, I feel my Soul body expanding in a bluish light throughout the whole field. My Spirit body starts to wiggle herself out of the core of my body and slowly starts to dance with each and every mountain peak, leaving gold dust behind her. I awaken every part of my body, feeling the love that I have for this land is giving me the reason to continue the path I am walking. I have support. I am not alone. I am breathing. I am sitting on my floor meditating in Sweden.

More information will soon be added, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions