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Knowledge is alive and needs to be flowing!!

To be in contact and to be able to work with your own healing abilities and build up the courage, strength and the love to create the life You want to live, is probably the most profound gift you can give yourself.

I do not see myself only as a teacher. I consider myself a facilitator that holds space for you, to be able to retrieve back Your wisdom, knowledge and what you need to hold close to your heart to follow your path. I offer tools for deep personal transformation. I believe that our body is the best friend we have and by tuning in and following its voice, we have the key to a healthier life.

I have been taught in several different healing techniques including Reiki, Vortex,  Crystals, using one’s Voice, Aura Healing and Cranial Sacral therapy plus all I have retrieved back from my own “library of wisdom”, and they all have their own unique signature.  This has given me a strong foundation as a teacher. Working with healing since 1996 has given me the ability to focus, relax easier and faster. I have been able to cut through my own mind set and I have created a stronger foundation to anchor myself in. Another benefit is that I have also gained a stronger immune system and warmer hands in winter time. During the days we spend together, you will have the opportunity to be in close contact with your own specific power, to develop it so you can reach your highest potential within this realm of work. For me it is important that you feel confident to be able to continue to develop this amazing tool for yourself and others after we part.

Mind Body Awakening

Mind Body Awakening” is a method that combines a lot of different therapeutic techniques. Among them a very subtle pressure technique, light massage, energy healing, and using the connection between the practitioner and the customer to enable a very strong heart transmission that will open both their bodies and minds for further release.10632785_349991725172045_2834527863944686678_n

This method arose from my experience of many different types of therapies and energy work and is inspired by several healing methods. It is a unique technique that dissolves imbalances, both new and old. It is about having confidence in what you see and feel.  Knowing that you do make a difference. Being aware that the body follows thought, and conscious intention is important.

You will learn to work deeper, to release the body’s natural energy, discover new ways to feel and look at a body, and how to make a body willing to change. This course is for those who feel the need to offer more.  Those who want to expand their repertoire with something that guarantees satisfaction.

Prior experience in some form of energy work and / or therapeutic work is required. 
We meet two full days and a follow up day within 1 month.

Fee: $500

(including food, diploma and a detailed manual). Additional cost can be added if we decide to make the weekend a retreat, then the fee for the room will on top.

Chaska – the initiation of the starshs-2008-40-a-web

Chaska means Star or Star Goddess in Quechua,the indigenous language of central Andes

I have always had a certain love for the five pointed star and when I started working with energy-healing the star shape approached me as a space holder. If I allowed the Star to place itself around and embrace my clients they seemed to be able to move through their releases with a more steadfast speed and with more comfort. So whenever the star came I let her dance and merge and do her thing…

One day I received an initiation by the Star, I was surprised and curious what this meant for me and during the transmission I also understood how to give this gift forth to others. Over these 12 years since I received the transmission, very few has been given the transmission from me, and why I really don’t know, I have however been penetrated by the energy and structure of the star and have grown into the power it holds. Being strongly connected to Earth and in that, the Feminine energy that is merging with all of us, man as well as women,  I feel that the energy the Star holds is important for our move forward on our path of Truth.

These years I have called the method the Sacred Heart transmission, but after being high up in the Andean Apus and Nustas (male and female mountains) receiving yet another transmission from the sacred Huanalipa the mother Nusta for the indigenous Q’eros of Peru, I am being called to change the name to Chaska.

Receiving a transmission from the Chaska means that all of your bodies will open up to receive higher frequencies that you are dancing in now. The Chaska brings forth your twelve levels of consciousness and will direct and steer your body, mind and spirit towards the ability to harbor these within your physical body aiming for your complete truth within.

It derives from your heart and first the energy creates five stars within each other holding the vibration up to your fifth consciousness. From the inner most one of the star’s energy will “sprout” out and create another five star pattern outside the first one, that holds the energies up to your tenth consciousness.

To anchor these ten consciousnesses within your physical body there will be an energy shooting “up” from the centre of Earth connecting to an energy shooting “down” from the centre of Heaven anchoring within your heart. The transmission will activate all of the levels of the Chaska energy, and then it is up to your body to slowly and steadily integrate and grow into dancing with Chaska and the vibration she holds…

The Chaska brings stability into your life. It is a representation of Earth and your body. The top point representing your head, and your arms and legs the rest of the star. When you receive your transmission, all of your auric-bodies, your chakras, your mind, down to your DNA, and your core are being expanded and will be released from its former patterns and can re-start with the support of the stability of the Chaska and its Earth connection to form a new structure.  The Chaska will expand and embrace all of you and incorporate all of your levels of consciousness.

It will change your daily life, since the structure of the pentagram strives towards balance, order and all that is not corresponding with the balance of your “truth” will be released.The Chaska is one of many vehicles that can support you to come in contact with your fifth dimensional essence and continue your growth within. I like this method since it dances with your body and does not force anything upon you. It takes the time it needs to integrate fully.

We meet one day where we together explore the power of the Chaska

Fee: $200

(including diploma, lunch and manual )    

Intense Meditation


                                 …collect your thoughts…

For me meditation has become quieting my mind, my body, and letting my spirit embrace me. People ask me if I meditate daily and I presume that they mean something like “do I put aside some time for me, when I am still, listening to some relaxing music etc”. For me meditation can be that I sing mantras that I take a bath and do a little ritual, where I cleanse, rinse and sit in stillness.It can be that I walk in the forest or listen to the sea crushing into the cliffs. I believe that meditation should be something one does with intent,and then it doesn’t matter what it is as long as the result is expansion, stillness and a bodily ahhhh.

What I have achieved during my moments of stillness is to keep the world a little further away from me, so I can get some perspective, breathe a little deeper and come back into my body. I have programmed myself with a special breathing technique, so when I do this breathing with my intention, my body and mind knows that “Aha, time to be in stillness” and I become still. I breathe deeply for a minute, and sometimes a quick breathing is what is needed.

Our focus during these three days of intense meditation is to accomplish a balance between your physical and subtle bodies. We are working towards a full integration and with that a transformation down to a cellular level will occur within your body. This weekend will give you insight into the patterns you have carried that no longer serve you, a lot of oxygen, joy,
tranquillity, and conversation in good company.

Fee: $350

including all meals and accommodation


Reiki I & II11053509_423376704500213_1170919518339254806_n

For four days you will, through practice and theory, go through the basics as well as the  deeper continuation of Reiki. You will hear about the history of Reiki and work with Aura, Chakra and Meridian healing.
  You will work actively with various meditation and intuition exercises, practicing visualization and working profoundly with your body and  mind  to find possible patterns and beliefs that may stand in the way of reaching your true potential. You will learn powerful methods for finding balance in events that have already occurred, and how to send energy to future meetings. You will work with how to restore the original balance in your home and any other places which you are often frequenting.

After these days, you can give both yourself and your beloved ones healing. If you have pets, you will become an even more popular mistress / master. You will be given a clear understanding of what you can use Reiki as a healing form for.
  The more you practice this, the more you can receive this amazing energy and reach a deeper understanding of yourself and your Reiki capacity.

Fee: $500. If you choose to do them separately, the fee is $280 for each one.

Including lunch, diploma, a detailed compendium and one year membership in the Swedish Reiki Association.

Reiki Master training

This course is for those who have a genuine interest in teaching healing and taking an active role as a representative of a form that is for both self-healing and opening internal doors, where only you know your own limitations.  
The course is structured individually based on our conversations and meetings.

Fee:Sliding scale between $1200 – 1700

The fee will depend on how many times we meet (including diploma, a detailed compendium and much more)

Mixed info about the five pointed star;

A lot has been written and said about the five pointed star, also called a pentagram. It is a symbol that has cropped-stjärna-röd-page-0011.jpgbeen used for thousands of years in all religions. What these seem to have in common, is the talk about stability, directions, heavenly body, truth,  knowledge, movement, changing, everything in its proper place and that it balances between heaven and earth.

The pentagram has no circle around the star, but the pentacle has a circle around, as an extra shield of protection. The pentagram represents the microcosm and internal energies, while the hexagram (six pointed star) symbolizes the macrocosm and external energies. Each of the pentagrams five points represents one of the five elements (the four manifest elements together with the unifying element of Spirit). It also represent the five commonly acknowledged senses – touch, smell, taste, hearing and sight.Further on it  it can be taken to represent the 5 stages of life; Birth – the beginning, Initiation – blossoming of the Maiden, Consummation – the Mother or fertile prime, Waning – the Crone, and Death. The cycle goes round – and even Death leads on to Birth. In Ancient Mesopotamia, it was symbolic of the imperial power extending out to “the 4 corners of the world”. In medieval times it symbolized the 5 “knightly virtues” – Piety, Chastity, Generosity, Courtesy, and Chivalry.

It is also a representation of the five Hindu elements or Tattvas (Prithivi – Earth, Apas – Water, Vayu – Air, Tejas – Fire and Akasha – Spirit

The five elemental activities of Chinese philosophy (Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire).

To the Christians, until relatively recently it was a secondary symbol of their faith (used with or instead of the cross). This is because it symbolized the 5 wounds of Christ on the cross – one in each palm/wrist, one on each ankle and those made by the crown of thorns.

EARTH: (Lower left-hand corner) represents stability and physical endurance.

FIRE: (Lower right hand-corner) represents courage and daring.

WATER: (Upper left hand-corner) represents emotions and intuition.

AIR: (Upper right hand-corner) represents intelligence and the arts.

SPIRIT: (At the topmost point) represents the ONE and the Divine.