Tree Magick

To decorate a tree might seem a little silly, they already have leaves and branches, flowers, moss and stuff upon them, so why add more?
During my visits in a small magical town called Glastonbury, there are many decorated trees. I was always curious and I the only answer I received from the trees I approached, was just a big hearty smile? I once asked a woman I found beside one of the trees and she said, “it’s to make them even more


pretty”. Well that is one way I thought to myself. In Peru they decorate the crosses “he as in Jesus, should not hang naked” so maybe this was a similar thing. I looked closer at one tree, just after Beltane when the ribbons where overflowing and freshly placed and I noticed a little scribbling on some of the ribbons. This made me get even more curios.

Now I know more. Mostly you write down blessings, prayers, and wishes on the ribbons during special festivities as Beltane, and I presume that by tying it on a certain tree – since they all hold their own Tree Magic – you also wish to get the support from the tree into your blessing. I love trees and the Magick they hold and allows me share with them. I also heard that by decorating them you might be in contact with the Fairies, Tree people and other beings. So why not decorate some trees, give them your blessings, honour them, and kiss them and most importantly talk to them.

To inspire you even more, here are some words that will correlate with the colours on your ribbons;
Red: Love and Passion
Orange: Success
Yellow: Joy
Green: Good Fortune and Wealth
Pink: Friendship
Blue: Wisdom and Healing
Purple: Spiritual growth
White: Peace and Harmony