Lovord / Praise

Ewa is a truly loving, warm hearted and loyal. She is a life companion who always has a laugh, a hug and a cup of warm tea for her friends. Nothing would be too awkward to say to Ewa; she would listen with an open mind and you would trust her honest intent in every situation. Ewa is full of life, energy and adventure, but also of silence, meditation, reflection and calm. Ewa spreads her light, and we who are touched by it rejoice.

Ewa has the capacity to laugh in the darkest moment, and to make others do the same983609_514395591959920_447148221_n.She is the mere representation of “stubborn” and will find a way, whether that way existed before or not. She is powerful, effective in action and has a hand with both living and material things, such as plants, animals, constructions and interior design. Ewa always manages to create a cosy home wherever she goes. Somehow she also seems to know everyone, even if she never met them before. A true talent that makes her projects succeed. Since her journey through life has taken her through wuthering heights and the darkest valleys, she is well acquainted with both, a strength that makes her trustworthy, honest and… yeah, I would say… cool.

As a professional within the field of complimentary and spiritual medicine, Ewa is extremely experienced. Her multitude of skills, coming from both a range of extensive educations and programs, as well as from her long practice and depth of work, are all brought together to a truly Holistic standing point, where all aspects of our beings are considered. Though being knowledgeable regarding our physical constitution, Ewa goes beyond treating the body only; treating the mind, thoughts, emotions and spirit as well. Due to her own personal journey, Ewa has an unusual, clear and open mind to what it means to handle our lives as human beings.

Lena Frilund 2013    //  www.artsunlimited.se


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