Vem jag är / Who I am

SpiritCloset’s strength is based on maintaining a strong presence in all that is taking place…
In 1997 I started my business in the Health and Awareness section. My clients are both private individuals and companies where I work as both a therapist, an individual Soul coach and as a consultant.
The past ten years I have shared my time working globally as a consultant for a world class Spa consulting company whose focus is to assist and develop the Spa services with everything from concept to staff training. The strength I have gained by working globally is to be compelled to ‘jump out of my comfort zone’ as culture, gender, hierarchy, religion, etc, have been a challenge. These lessons have enriched my life with more humility, curiosity and insight. It is of importance for me to to walk my talk and keeping awareness as my personal motto. To strive to be aware and awake during my daily life, work towards a stillness within, so that decisions arise from a stable core within me.

The Focus has been on 

Bringing forward processes with a clear focus on results, which could include;

Leadership Training

Personal Development – to be motivated and inspired

Mindfulness – in itself and in its expression to other

Costumer care, sales, costumer analysis, treatment  techniques, coordination, logistics (as in all that needs to start a function business)

Customer care, sales, customer analysis, dealing with Group Dynamics – forming new ideas and creating a good space for the team / individual to develop the task at hand.

To strengthen the relationship between therapist and the client to create in order to create a more dynamic process

Passion and personal power

My interest is the human being in all its forms. Spiritual development, communication, problem solving, results orientation, life!

Other experiences

I am excellent at working with group dynamics. I detect what lies underneath the surface and manage to bring this up and out for discussion or whatever needs to be done to proceed the work

I manage to form the new ideas and to raise a personal interest within the teams I work with to lead the assignment forward

Due to my experience as a therapist I can assist people on a personal level and with that ease both body and mind and make them go forward with their tasks

I have written a book on floral essences and I am currently working on a book about energy guidance

I have practiced Kundalini yoga since 1997 and am currently developing my own yoga in mixing Viniyoga, kundalini yoga and other sources that fit together in my “wheel” of movements…

Personally designed courses, for example, pregnancy massage and holistic thinking for midwife practitioners as well as individually designed treatment programs, meditations, Energy awareness, Despachos

Professional background


SpiritCloset/DewaDivine – my company focusing on Health, Communication & Education

Consulting fulltime & part time for Raison d’Etre, Resense Spa consultancy Company, working with 5star spa facilities all around the world

Spa manager at Art Garden Spa in Göteborg , Sweden

Educator in Customer Service at Eductus, Academedia


Self-employed at Sheridan concept store (furnishing) 2 employees

Launch and co-manager for Restaurang Ullevi Trä, during the World Track and Field Championships in 1996

Catering coordinator for Preem Superstars, Swedish television

Purchasing / Sales assistant for Tex design, Kapp Ahl and Cartoon & Triangle

Shop manager, Toppy shop Stockholm



Team coach and Life coach courses at Strandska institute in Kungälv

Leadership training Lövudden akademin

Teachers training in various yoga forms

Munay Ki – Andean healing form

Despachos – a tool in the Andean tradition


Diploma: Cranial Sacral Therapy 2004

Body therapist , GGI  (Göteborgs Gymnastiska Institut) 1997

Phytoterapy course (herbal medicine) 1998

Classical Swedish massage, Connective tissue massage, Aroma massage, Intuitive massage

GGI Kinesiology / Meridian teachings/ Floral essences

Strain-counter-strain method / Trigger points

Body balancing

Basic medicine with examinations

Aromatherapy courses 1998

Mind Body Awakening since 1997

Reiki Master  since1997

Vortex healing  2001-2003

Heart-to-Heart healing since 2003

…and more is yet to be revealed ….